The Digestive System: Organs of the GI Tract

By-Jenna Evans.
The digestive system is a series of organs that break down food and take in the the nutrients used by the body as a sorce of energy.
This system consists of seven parts
Mouth, Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Rectum, Anus.
I. Mouth
external image digestive_open_mouth_web.jpg
A. Where mechanical digestion begins.
1. Includes the salivary glands ( chemical digestion) which release saliva and helps to moisten food and make it easier to swallow.
a. begins digestion of carbohydrates
II. . Esophagus
external image Esophagus.jpg
A. Tube that connects the throat to the stomach.
1. While going down the esophagus, peristalsis occurs, moving food toward the stomach
III. Stomach
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A. Breaks food into smaller pieces which make food easier to digest.
1. Gastric juices are produced to prepare for the absorption of food.
IV. Small intestine
external image SmallIntestine.jpg
A. Which contain three sections:
1. Ileum
2. Jejunum
3. Duodenum
B. Soak up nutrients & brings them into the bloodstream.
V. Large intestine (colon)
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A. Stores and disposes of waste.
VI. . Anus
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A. Begins at the end of the large intestine.
1. Where stool passes through before leaving at the anus.
VII. Rectum
A. Where stool passes out of the body from.